Wes Burt

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Well its now been an age since we last posted two Podcasts in a row. Myself and William actually located the files for the show circa 2 weeks ago but William accidently deleted them off his external hard drive almost immediately afterward. last week it was Nicks birthday and consequently we were all unable to make it to the station on that night. We are slacking off big time, the 11 - 1pm slot is starting to get to us. But all this is set to change once we change to an earlier slot, which in fact is in the process of happening. We will let you know the exact details as they come to us.

Above is a sketch from an on going series of drawings capturing the disposition and style of the vagabonds of San Fransisco by Wes Burt, an artist who's drawings had a profound effect on my decision to pursue Illustration as my major. Check out more of his work here

This drawing reminded me of the lear on the face of one of the figures from the vagabond subculture on exactitudes, i highly recommend visiting that site.

James Jean

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Hey so I have been wanting to begin sharing the artwork and websites of my favorite artists with the readers and followers of the Maniquill blog and radio show for a while. Who better to start with than my favorite Illustrator and fine artist: James Jean.

Born in Taiwan but raised in New Jersey, James Jean has already carved out quite a prolific name for himself at the age of 30. Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in New York city he has gained seven Eisner awards, three consecutive Harvey awards, two gold medals and a silver from the Society of Illustrators of LA, and a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators of NY. For anyone who doesn't know much about Illustration or these awards then.... well pretty much hes done very fucking well for himself and has produced such a prolific body of work in the 9 years since completing his schooling that he is a major attraction at Comic Cons and other annual art conventions from around the world including Australasia's very own Semi-Permanent, where he has attended and spoken twice so far, both of which I've missed out on because I've been too broke at the time to go.

Some fashion enthusiasts may be familiar with his work for Pradas spring/summer collection last year. But anyway I strongly encourage everyone to have a look at his website and his blog, both contain some truly amazing work.

Also about the Radio show and Podcasts: Through a series of unfortunate events we were unable to locate the audio files of our radio shows for a few weeks. People at the station kept changing stuff with the program the station uses and yeah, we searched but couldn't find anything. Last week was a non-event for reasons we are to embarrassed to go into. But we will endeavor to post this weeks Podcast as soon as we can and are working on our second Maniquill Mix tape, so keep a look out for both in the coming days.

Podcast 08

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Podcast 08 is here. Apologies for the lack of podcasts recently. You know...

shit happens

All Rainbows Over Here

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Yeasayer have a new single out for free download. It's called 'Ambling Alp', and it's as rad as anything. I'll probably play it on the show, but click on the picture to source a good quality version which you can play over and over.

P.S: Matt, where's the pickled ginger illustration at yo? He might need to listen to this song for a pick-me-up after he sees it, poor boy.




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The mixtapes are intended to promote the artist and their music. If you enjoy the Mixtapes and their songs please buy copies of said music from the artists where ever possible.

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