Bow-Tie Etiquette

0 comments 20.8.10

“When you have on a bow tie, the bow tie commands respect,” Big Boi says. “And if you got a bow tie on, you gotta be a bad motherfucker to have a bow tie on."

Abdominal Time-Lapse

3 comments 9.8.10
This is a collection of photos of Iggy Pop's naked torso, starting in 1968 and going through to present day. It paints a pretty bizarre picture of the human aging process.


0 comments 6.7.10

The Maniquill winter mixtape

Hey so I just discovered something: If you downloaded the Maniquill Mixtape 02 using the little icon under the Mixtapes side column, then you actually downloaded the Mixtape 01, not Mixtape 02 (our Summer 09/10 mix). I've now fixed the problem and the mediafire links will direct you to the right mixes - Matt


2 comments 24.6.10

 I give you: The promised portrait of Mr Stephan Reyners.

Its unfinished, but I'm never going to finish it so... there you go.

Look out for our next Mix Tape soon.
Look out for our next house party soon.


Glass Vaults

0 comments 16.6.10
Our friends Glass Vaults have a new EP out! It is really, really quite good. And it's also free. Click on the picture to be taken to it.

Two for Joy

0 comments 14.5.10
University is shit.


2 comments 26.4.10

The ep 'The Fever Fold' by Wellingtons Red Steers is now available for download from A Low Hum. It won't cost you a cent either, unless you want it to...


2 comments 13.4.10

What the Fuck???

New Red Steers

2 comments 16.3.10

Maniquill favourite Red Steers have a new single out called 'Canoe'. Click on the picture to download it, totally free.

Mint Chicks Mayhem

4 comments 15.3.10

From Cheese on Toast, regarding Friday's post-pixies Mint Chicks show in Auckland:

"about four songs into the set, Kody (vocals) picked up the second drum set and started throwing it at Paul Roper (drums), who, in defense, wrestled Kody to the ground. The show ended abruptly with Kody shouting into the microphone “Go start you’re own fucking band” before the band left the stage. Twitter reports this morning are unclear; MusicHype have said “The Mint Chicks show ended very unexpectedly last night. Wish we’d seen more songs in the set. To set rumors at rest everyone is okay.”

The Mint Chicks website is now completely blank, apart from the words 'start your own fucking band'.

Split? Or semi-amazing stunt?

Oh My Fucking God a New Post!

0 comments 12.3.10

That's right: Maniquill Podcast Episode 9 Mother Fuckers




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