Mint Chicks Mayhem


From Cheese on Toast, regarding Friday's post-pixies Mint Chicks show in Auckland:

"about four songs into the set, Kody (vocals) picked up the second drum set and started throwing it at Paul Roper (drums), who, in defense, wrestled Kody to the ground. The show ended abruptly with Kody shouting into the microphone “Go start you’re own fucking band” before the band left the stage. Twitter reports this morning are unclear; MusicHype have said “The Mint Chicks show ended very unexpectedly last night. Wish we’d seen more songs in the set. To set rumors at rest everyone is okay.”

The Mint Chicks website is now completely blank, apart from the words 'start your own fucking band'.

Split? Or semi-amazing stunt?


Ellen said...

I was there, it was actually kind of heartbreaking to watch. Kody was clearly very angry. Ruban is now in Portland, Kody is still here in Auckland.

There's more to the story than just what Cheese on Toast is saying. Don't worry though, it's not the end of the Mint Chicks.

Nick Miller said...

COT now reporting that it wasn't a split... goss
I heard a bit more about this afterwards from others that were there, seemed like Kody wasn't in the best/clearest frame of mind.
Good to hear it ain't over though.

Ellen said...

This clears up a few things:

Nick Miller said...

Holy shit that't nuts.
Good interview though, I don't think I've ever heard/read such a candid interview with Ruban. seems like he's normally very reserved

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