Frank Monaco


In the 1960s several Italian newspapers carried a story that the American pilot who had dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima had become a Carthusian monk, and was living in the La Certosa monastery in Southern Italy. Frank Monaco, an American photojournalist, was hired by a Catholic magazine to investigate the claims.

Monaco visited the monastery, where he found that the solider-turned-monk was not the Hiroshima bomber, but was rather a veteran of the Korean War who had visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on service leave. After the war finished, the solider found himself unable to integrate back into day-to-day American life, and turned to the Carthusian order.

Monaco decided to stay at the monastery regardless, and over three days he photographed the comings and goings of the monks who lived there.

Read more about Frank Monaco here. See more of his photos here.


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