Ellen said...

I like the pictures you use for the podcasts

3.14 = pi = π said...

Enya dance party breaks out in hostel.
Mad sick moves follow.

Matt Gleeson said...

Thanks Ellen, basically its my job to search through the internet until I find a good looking photograph that makes some kind of refference to something that we talked about on our show. I then nick it and slap Maniquill podcast X on it so really its not that impressive.

And: Awesome, see Nick thought that putting on Enya was horribly 'uncool'. I thought it was endearing.

Nick Miller said...

niquill thinks matt is dumb

katie said...

hiya, for the foreigners listening- can you write the track names and artists the week after each podcast. sometimes i cant understand due to thick accents.

also can you do a drawing of sushi ginger face. with coloured pencils of course.

Nick Miller said...

Haha, yes we can do that. Soz about the awful accents.

And yes I think Matt will do a drawing of pickled ginger and we'll post it. It'll be lovely

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