Maniquill Mixtape 01


Because Handsome Furs ripped us from our radio show last week (and as a result there was no podcast for you to download on Saturday morning) we are posting the first Maniquill Mixtape.

This mixtape is largely comprised of music from the Dream Pop and Shoegaze genres. However it doesn't JUST contain all the hits of the Slowdives, the Jesus and Mary Chains or the M83s of the Dream Pop/Shoegaze genre - it also contains a number of tracks by less known but no less brilliant artists.

This mixtape is a background noise, summer orientated mix. We post it now in the hope that you listen to it enough that it becomes familiar, and that some/all of the songs become a staple section of your summer soundtrack. Please note that this is by no means a definitive 'Maniquill Summer Mixtape'.

With in the File you download you will find a txt file with all of the mixtape information. Not only are the songs, artists and running times listed but both the sequence in which the songs play out and the starting time of each track are also included. You will find that the audio track is riddled with this information, just incase you ever accidentally delete or want to delete the txt file.



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Disclaimer: All music contained in the above Mixtapes is the property of the artist who created it.

The mixtapes are intended to promote the artist and their music. If you enjoy the Mixtapes and their songs please buy copies of said music from the artists where ever possible.

If you are the artist or lawful proprietor of any music that appears in any of our Mixtapes and are unhappy with the inclusion of your music in said Mixtapes then please contact us at and we will remove it immediately.
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