Manic Quill



I don't really know what to say...
Aggggghhhhh MANIQUILL!


Nick Miller said...

Upon revision this is excellent! love it mate

Will Arlidge said...

Thanks. I might quit my day job...

3.14 = pi = π said...

A NZ friend gave me the link to your blog and your podcast has kept me amused during the late hours of the night and the early hours of the morning whilst working on a dry uni assignment.
Maniquill, since then its been bliss.

Anonymous said...

Man, Matt just keeps getting better and better. Love the detail on the shoes.

Anonymous said...

i like his knees and elbows.

also i can imagine he'd experience considerable anxiety in some social experiences because some might think he is defecating when really he cant help it, he's a quill.

Will Arlidge said...

Indeed. This would be one of the of the reasons that led to his mania, not being able to conform to the social norms of society, being the odd one out in the crowd, always going out for a fancy dinner and spoiling the carpet, making the dance floor a death trap... a sad story really.

His elbows and knees are certainly one of his most defining features

Anonymous said...

im thinking some puma clydes would be more appropriate for a quill of this sort. brings him into our generation. alternatively if you were really into this whole sk8er look you could put a supreme hat on him. the possibilities are endless.

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